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  • 公開日時 : 2014/11/20 16:01
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Select payment method~ Confirm order details



1.クーポン/ポイントの利用 (Use coupons/points)
Choose this option when you have online coupons or points available to use.
「クーポンの利用」 (Use coupons):Please select from the drop down menu.

「ポイントの利用」 (Use points):You can use as few as 100 points. After entering the number of points in the “今回の利用ポイント (Points to use)” field, click “変更 (Convert)”
※Coupon and points cannot be combined.

2.Select payment method
Credit card... Please select the type of credit card you wish to use.

①Please select the type of card.

②Please enter the card number. Please enter the 16-digit card number.

③Please enter the card holder’s name, exactly as it appears on the card. (Please use standard single-byte alphabetic characters)

④Please enter the expiration date of the card. For “月” please choose the month, and for “年”, select the year.

3.For "請求先住所 (Billing address)", please select "配達先と同じ (same as the delivery address)"



Please double-check your order, and if there are no problems, click “注文を確定する (confirm order)” to confirm your order.
After your order is prepared, we will send you an e-mail informing you that your delivery is being shipped.